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Access and admission

More information about pre-registration and access to the studies can be found at: Generalitat de Catalunya - Departament d'Economia i Coneixement-Coneixement:  Universitats i Recerca

  • Admission profile

It is recommended that these studies be accessed from the Humanities or Social Sciences itinerary, although students who have interest in the subject of the degree and come from other itineraries can also take this degree.

You must have previously reached a good level in the use of the different languages ​​studied to the degree: an advanced level of Catalan and Spanish language, a medium-high level of English and a medium level of French.



  • Number of places offered

Degree in Applied Languages and Translation and Degree in Catalan Philology and Occitan Studies  

UdL Lleida






  • Acces way, option and cut note

The access criteria are the following:

  • Students with PAU and assimilated
  • Students with a higher technical degree in FP
  • Students with foreign studies
  • University graduates and assimilated
  • Students with access test + 25 years
  • Students over 45 years

old Validation of ECTS credits between UdL degree studies and Higher Level Training Cycles. You can consult the table by clicking [here]

Cut-off mark (*)

Course 2017/2018



University graduates


Larger than 25 years


Larger 40 and 45 years old


You can consult cut notes of the qualifications of Catalan universities by clicking [here]



  • Subjects to improve the access note

List of ponderable subjects



  • Pre-registration and admission procedure

University pre-enrollment is a coordinated system of student distribution that guarantees equal conditions in the admission process and admission to the first course of any undergraduate study. The student interested in accessing a degree program at the University of Lleida must pre-register by the deadlines established by the Government of Catalonia.

The pre-registration will be done online at the following address:

The Interuniversity Council of Catalonia (CIC) is the coordinating body of the university system of Catalonia and of consultation and advice of the Government of the Government of Catalonia in the field of universities. It integrates representatives of all public and private universities in Catalonia.

The coordination of the processes of access and admission to the university is a strategic priority of the CIC, through which it is intended to guarantee that the access to the university of the students, who come from the baccalaureate and those over 25, respect the principles of advertising, equality, merit and ability. As well as, guarantee equal opportunities in the allocation of students to university studies offered by universities.

The University of Lleida (UdL) has developed a Program of Guidance and university tutoring (Néstor). Its objective is to support the student in the process of integral formation through personal, academic and professional guidance, so that he can make well-founded decisions during his career, as a professional future and as a citizen.