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Why study this degree in the UdL?

You are interested in this degree if you want to train to become:

- A professional of languages ​​with a level of expert in Catalan and Spanish and up to an advanced level in English and French.

- A mediator in multicultural environments expert in the relationships between languages ​​and cultures.

- A professional capable of advising individuals and groups on the improvement of communication processes, including the company, the network and educational entities, among others.

- Work in the future in one of these areas:

o   Linguistic and cultural advice

o   Linguistic and cultural dynamisation

o   Linguistic and multicultural mediation

o   Translation

o   Editing and proofreading

o   Editorial world

o   Teaching languages

o   Language technologies

o   Media

o   Communication areas in companies and institutions

o   International relations

o   Document management.


You are interested in studying this degree at the UdL because:

- These studies offer in very few centers in Catalonia and Spain.

- In the UdL we have a great tradition in the offer of studies on different languages ​​and cultures and we have always tried to incorporate the demands arising from a changing society around the management of information, multilingualism and multiculturalism.

- Our teachers develop their research in the field of applied linguistics in a particularly remarkable way in terms of scientific production, participation and leadership of projects and research groups in the field.

- Ours is a center that has the advantage of a very close relationship with the students, both by teachers and administration and services staff.