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Educational aims

From the Faculty of Arts we have enhanced the practices in companies or institutions, and we have incorporated them into the curricula of all the degrees that we impart, since we believe that it is a first step in the professional career that will help directly or indirectly the Students to join the world of work.

Thus, in the last years of the degree the student will take practical training in companies or institutions with the ultimate goal of completing their training with professional experiences that require the application of the knowledge acquired in the degree.

These practices, in many cases, will make the student the first contact with the workplace and, in addition to providing him with new specific knowledge of his profession, will allow him to be enriched by an experience that will expand his Curriculum and will provide a general overview of the world of work.

Throughout the internship, the student will be assigned, on the one hand, a tutor to the company or institution and, on the other, a professor at the Faculty, who will ensure that the learning process is Do it correctly and will keep in touch with the student and the tutor of the company or institution regularly.

At the end of the internship, the student must submit a report and will be evaluated based on this and the reports of the two tutors.

Further information about the whole process and a list of the companies or institutions in which the students can do an internship are available here.